Yay! More shelf space!

We are so excited and thankful for the extra shelf space at Yokes Fresh Market! It is great that we have been blessed with this opportunity to share our soaps and lotions with the folks in Northern Idaho!

All of our soaps and lotions at Yokes Fresh Market in Ponderay Idaho.

All of our soaps and lotions at Yokes Fresh Market in Ponderay Idaho.

Why do we make soaps and lotions?

Display of our Castile Soaps at Bushels Store in Newport Washington.

Display of our Castile Soaps at Bushels Store in Newport Washington.

Well, we had a very busy day bottling lotions and liquid soaps for two large orders. It is so wonderful that so many people are enjoying our soaps and lotions! I know I love them and use them every day so I can just imagine that many feel the same way. I like using clean soaps with no yucky stuff in it and lotions that have ingredients that are familiar and have nothing to do with brake fluid or anti freeze. My daughter told me years ago to watch out for any product that listed propylene glycol as one of the ingredients. It is a toxic chemical which is in many health and beauty products and food as well. It is also used in antifreeze and brake fluid. So, when I had trouble finding products without propylene glycol in them I decided that I would have to begin making my own. So, here I am just selling the goodies that I make for me and my family so that we don’t have to use toxic chemicals on our skin.
Well, that is just a bit of the history of our soapmaking adventure….. I hope you take a moment and check the ingredients on your beauty products and food items and make sure you can pronounce and identify the items in them. You will be glad you did. 🙂

Our new liquid Castile Soap… now at the Co-op Country Store!

007 010 013These are the first of our new liquid soaps which are now available at the Co-op Country Store in Ponderay Idaho! They have come out clear and very nice. This is the Lavender scent. We will also be offering shampoo and liquid hand soap in the very near future! You can also order them at our online store:


Awesome Opportunities…….

Filled order...

We are busy packaging soaps for the Co-op Country Store in Ponderay…… Yay! They will be selling our soaps beginning tomorrow! They have also requested liquid Castile soap! Yay again! There will be an entire end cap featuring all of the locally crafted items….. that’s where our soaps will be showcased! We are so excited and thankful for this awesome opportunity! The package is all ready to go for tomorrow! ♥

Soap Making 101

Here is a short video that explains how to make soap at home. Making Soap on the Farm

Handmade Soaps ~ with Honey Wine

Hand Made Honey Wine Soaps

Hand Made Honey Wine Soaps

Today was one of the most exciting days to date since we started making soaps! We have been sending soaps here and there and everywhere because we think they are the best soaps ever! Now we are going to have the chance to sell them in a store! Our awesome friend at Our Old Place Farm spoke to a lady at a local store and she is going to carry our soaps! Is that the most awesome thing ever or what?!!! I am so excited! We have been packaging soap and getting ready… we will be going to drop them off tomorrow morning! How exciting!