Cute little barn kitty <3

Barn Kitty

Barn Kitty

Here is one of our very happy kittens. They are all finally getting used to everyone. They still won’t let us touch them, but maybe in time, maybe with a bit of goat milk to soothe the little savage beasts 🙂

Oh Deer ……. :)

Mama deer with her baby

Mama deer with her baby

We have lots of wildlife here on the farm….. more than just some wild chickens and goats! These deer showed up early in the morning for some breakfast. The mama deer looks like she really needs to eat more before the winter gets here, she is looking a bit thin. The little deer ate all the mushrooms on the lawn and then enjoyed grazing on the lovely dew covered grass. It is so nice to look out and watch them eat early in the morning….. as long as they are not in the garden  Speaking of the garden, we are beginning to get it ready for a winter sleep. We have had some really hard frosts and all the plants are spent so Jake and Jeff started pulling up the dead plants in preparation for winter garden dressing. While they were working, they found quite a few really nice big potatoes that had grown from last years left overs. That is always a really nice surprise  We will be planting the garlic soon, but will have to make sure we don’t plant too early and not too late either. Has to be just right.
The bachelor pad (Jim and Reggio’s house) will need some winter modifications before it snows to be sure they stay nice and warm in the winter. I would also love to give those two a bath, but not really sure how to go about it. I will have to do some research on how to bathe bucks and see if I can figure something out. The girls, especially Starr goat and Starbright, really love the way they smell and can’t resist their manliness ….. Lol! Gotta love these awesome goats! Starbright and Sugar will be the only girls that we will breed this fall so that we can continue to get milk from Bella and then we will possibly breed Bella in the spring so that we stagger the breeding. We shall see.
I am so glad to report that the chickens are giving up the eggs! Yay! We are still only getting about 11 out of 24 hens, but it is certainly a start.
Well, that’s all for now. G’night all….. sweet dreams ❤

Happy Sunny Honey Bear!

Happy Sunny Honey Bear

Happy Sunny Honey Bear

Good evening all! Well we had a most beautiful day here on the farm as you can see by the very happy goat in the picture. The day began very cold, 27 degrees to be exact, but warmed up to 57 and was very sunny so a very good day to get lots done. Of course the goats figured it was a beautiful day to lay in the sun and just soak up the rays. They were all very happy all day and played on the rocks and climbed trees until bed time.
The hens are really stepping up their game these days! We are getting 9 to 11 eggs daily which is really awesome! I am including goat milk in their diet to help them on their road to becoming the greatest egg layers ever…… they are so cute. We do have one egg eater in the hen house, not sure who it is, but I think it may be one of the Buffs. We shall keep an eye out for the notorious egg eating henny penny.
The boys made lovely BBQ ribs for dinner tonight, which they started early this morning. Talk about wonderful! Fall off the bone awesome. And to top it all off, Jake made a killer BBQ sauce to go with them. Delish! So, for a wonderful treat, I made chocolate pudding for dessert made with yummy goat milk which came out totally yummy!
As you can imagine, all the wonderful sunshine, BBQ, and pudding has me very tired and ready to sleep so g’night all….. sweet dreams ❤

Why do we make soaps and lotions?

Display of our Castile Soaps at Bushels Store in Newport Washington.

Display of our Castile Soaps at Bushels Store in Newport Washington.

Well, we had a very busy day bottling lotions and liquid soaps for two large orders. It is so wonderful that so many people are enjoying our soaps and lotions! I know I love them and use them every day so I can just imagine that many feel the same way. I like using clean soaps with no yucky stuff in it and lotions that have ingredients that are familiar and have nothing to do with brake fluid or anti freeze. My daughter told me years ago to watch out for any product that listed propylene glycol as one of the ingredients. It is a toxic chemical which is in many health and beauty products and food as well. It is also used in antifreeze and brake fluid. So, when I had trouble finding products without propylene glycol in them I decided that I would have to begin making my own. So, here I am just selling the goodies that I make for me and my family so that we don’t have to use toxic chemicals on our skin.
Well, that is just a bit of the history of our soapmaking adventure….. I hope you take a moment and check the ingredients on your beauty products and food items and make sure you can pronounce and identify the items in them. You will be glad you did. 🙂

Bunny Foo Foo!

Our Resident Bunny Foo Foo

Our Resident Bunny Foo Foo

I got this awesome picture of our resident Bunny Foo Foo eating the greens between the rocks in our walkway. This is the baby of our other resident mommy bunny who lives in the stack of pallets. They are so cute and sweet, but the goats think they are beasts and are very cautious around them. It is rather fun to watch them when the bunnies run around in the goat pen. 
Today was very busy making bread and cleaning and doing all manner of farm work; then running with the goats for a while, which was really nice. I love to run with them! They get so excited and they kind of hop while they are running, kind of like a deer. They really like to come out and play in the late afternoon and today was an exceptionally nice day to run and play with them.
Tomorrow we will make some cheese. Not sure what kind of cheese I will be making, but I have quite a bit of milk that needs to be used so maybe some cottage cheese or some mozzarella. Those are both easy and quick to make….. we shall see.

Farm and Garden Fun!

First tomatillo's of the season!

First tomatillo’s of the season!

Our baby Sexlinks aren't babies any more...

Our baby Sexlinks aren’t babies any more…

Our baby barred rock's aren't babies any more.....

Our baby barred rock’s aren’t babies any more…..

She has grown so much.... what a love <3

She has grown so much…. what a love ❤

Bella wants to know what that light is and why it keeps flashing on her.... Bella wants to know what that light is and why it keeps flashing on her….

The biggest goat and the smallest goat...

The biggest goat and the smallest goat…

Honey is watching Mr. Farmer get her house ready for her to go to bed...

Honey is watching Mr. Farmer get her house ready for her to go to bed…

New opportunities!

Wow! What a crazy couple of days we have had here! We got an order for a whole new line of Castile soaps using only essential oils as the scents so I started making it yesterday and just now finished bottling it up to be delivered tomorrow. The new Castiles are Cedar Wood, Fir Needle, Lemon Drop (Lemon and Lemon Grass essential oils), Meadow Woods (Cedar wood, Fir, Pine, and Peppermint essential oils), Peppermint, Pine, and Tea Tree. They all smell great and they came out so nice and clear! I love making Castile soap!
It was quite warm today so making the soaps was a bit taxing. The goats don’t really mind the heat too much now that they are up in the woods. It is so strange, once you start up the trail into the woods it seems like it is at least 10 degrees cooler. I love it and the girls do too! They have also discovered that they love the apple horse treats that we get at the farm store! Oh my gosh! They go totally crazy for them and chase me all over the property to get them from me. Bella almost plowed me over trying to get them out of my pocket! I was laughing so hard I could hardly stand up! Good times with our wonderful goaties 🙂
Well till next time, happy farming to you all 🙂

Check out our own little Honey Bear on the cover of Glamor Goat Magazine <3

Glamor Goat cover

Busy Spring Days!

What a busy weekend! Wow! Cleaning goat houses can really be a tough job…. especially with all of our helpers. Starbright loves to inspect my work as I am going to make sure I don’t miss even one goat berry  She is a stickler for a clean house!
The babies are doing very well…. Emelia loves to hang her feet over Reggio while he walks around. She is such a nut. I will see if I can get a picture of it…. it is totally adorable! Honey and Daisy Mae are becoming very good friends now that they bunk together. They love to lay in the shade together and chew…… just too cute. Jim has a new place next to the girls yard now so he can be part of the herd but not in with the girls. He is very happy with his new digs! Soon, in a few weeks, Reggio will be joining him in the bachelor pad.
Starr is doing better every day on her boo boo leg. She walks on it all the time now and only limps if she has to run. I don’t think she trusts it to hold up to running. She is such a love! I love to sing the Starr goat song to her 🙂 
Sugar and Bella are doing awesome on the milk stand! Bella is such a giver…. she gives almost a half gallon of milk a day…. and I still leave some for the babies. Sugar gives about a quart, but she is a first freshner and I expected it to be low, but it is very creamy and sweet milk so she makes up for the low numbers with great quality milk.
We have been working in the garden for many days and have planted about 160 tomato plants, assorted green beans, lettuce, peppers, and herbs. Talk about sore muscles…..
Well, until next time….. take care and happy farming! 🙂

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News from the farm ~ Bella and her babies <3

What a day we had here on the farm! Bella and her babies were integrated into the herd successfully!! Bella is such a good mama that she made sure her babies were safe from harm all day ♥ Her and Starbright had it out first thing so that there would be no herd queen issues. That was an interesting altercation for sure. I think Bella just wanted Starbright to understand that the babies were more important than who the leader of the herd is. Daisy and Honey were really interested in these new babies and were intercepted by mama Bella several times. I am so happy that all went well and babies and mama are back in their side of the house to spend the night ♥
Tomorrow will bring lots of work including a chicken tractor being built and bee hives put in place and made ready for the new bees arrival.
Well, I am exhausted, so I will see you all tomorrow….. good night all…. sleep well my friends ♥

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