Happy Sunny Honey Bear!

Happy Sunny Honey Bear

Happy Sunny Honey Bear

Good evening all! Well we had a most beautiful day here on the farm as you can see by the very happy goat in the picture. The day began very cold, 27 degrees to be exact, but warmed up to 57 and was very sunny so a very good day to get lots done. Of course the goats figured it was a beautiful day to lay in the sun and just soak up the rays. They were all very happy all day and played on the rocks and climbed trees until bed time.
The hens are really stepping up their game these days! We are getting 9 to 11 eggs daily which is really awesome! I am including goat milk in their diet to help them on their road to becoming the greatest egg layers ever…… they are so cute. We do have one egg eater in the hen house, not sure who it is, but I think it may be one of the Buffs. We shall keep an eye out for the notorious egg eating henny penny.
The boys made lovely BBQ ribs for dinner tonight, which they started early this morning. Talk about wonderful! Fall off the bone awesome. And to top it all off, Jake made a killer BBQ sauce to go with them. Delish! So, for a wonderful treat, I made chocolate pudding for dessert made with yummy goat milk which came out totally yummy!
As you can imagine, all the wonderful sunshine, BBQ, and pudding has me very tired and ready to sleep so g’night all….. sweet dreams ❤

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