Bunny Foo Foo!

Our Resident Bunny Foo Foo

Our Resident Bunny Foo Foo

I got this awesome picture of our resident Bunny Foo Foo eating the greens between the rocks in our walkway. This is the baby of our other resident mommy bunny who lives in the stack of pallets. They are so cute and sweet, but the goats think they are beasts and are very cautious around them. It is rather fun to watch them when the bunnies run around in the goat pen. 
Today was very busy making bread and cleaning and doing all manner of farm work; then running with the goats for a while, which was really nice. I love to run with them! They get so excited and they kind of hop while they are running, kind of like a deer. They really like to come out and play in the late afternoon and today was an exceptionally nice day to run and play with them.
Tomorrow we will make some cheese. Not sure what kind of cheese I will be making, but I have quite a bit of milk that needs to be used so maybe some cottage cheese or some mozzarella. Those are both easy and quick to make….. we shall see.


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